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Rachel Hickson

Rachel Hickson almost lost her life in a horrific car accident, but was miraculously healed by God, leading to an increased faith in God’s power to intervene in the world today. 

This daughter of missionaries, who began life living in India, has worked alongside Reinhard Bonnke with CFaN in Africa and now travels the world with her own ministry called HeartCry for Change. She is an inspiring preacher, prophetically gifted and author of 10 books including ‘Supernatural Communication’ and ‘Supernatural Breakthrough’. 
Rachel has been married to Gordon for over 30 years and they have two grown children who are both married and four grandchildren.  Rachel and Gordon live in Oxford and love the challenge and history of this student city which has seen great men of God like C.S.Lewis, John Wesley, George Whitfield and others walk its streets.

Rachel travels internationally, ministering in a variety of nations and churches from every denominational background. Where there is a hunger for God Rachel and her team are prepared to go!
For more information about Rachel visit heartcryforchange.com

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