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Esther Bonsu

Esther Bonsu is a dynamic and passionate public speaker/preacher, who   loves to empower and guide people to live a life of total freedom and significance in Christ. 

She was as Senior Youth Leader in one of London’s fastest growing churches, where she had been a serving member since the age of 16. Esther currently works for a Christian international-development organisation, as a project coordinator in the area of Relationships Sex Education (RSE).

During a life transforming encounter in her bedroom, Esther made a decision to surrender her life to Christ. At the age of 17 Esther began preaching the gospel, speaking in colleges, universities, clubs, and any platform that would allow her a moment to share the heart of The Father. Her heart to see revival and this generation reconciled back to the heart of God has opened many opportunities for her to speak, and empower people across the world. 

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Esther’s desire, and ebullience to see the world transformed one heart at a time, ignited a passion for evangelism not just locally but globally which has lead to her embarking on mission trips, including countries such as Haiti, Kenya (several times), and India.

Esther is fun, funny, and a loving individual, who lives a life devoted to helping others learn how to make Jesus famous through serving with The Fathers’ heart in her hands. Her deepest cry is that this generation will learn to understand how significant, and valuable they are! 

Esther is 15 years into her ministry, and despite the various experiences, and opportunities she has accumulated throughout her time she considers her greatest accolade and title yet, to be the fact she is a daughter of God. 


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